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Descendants of William WELLS

( Yorkshire UK: Hawksworth, Neall Carr, Otley, Leeds / Australia: Dubbo,Walgett, Rylstone, Donald, Nyngan ,Mundubbera,Warrawong etc )


Hayley Woodlock


Wells of Yorkshire


    Descendants of Isaac WELLS ?


    Generation No. 1

    1. Isaac WELLS1 ? He married Mary CLAYTON ?.

    Child of Isaac ? and Mary ? is:

  • + 2 i. John WELLS2 ?, born 1783.


  • Generation No. 2

    2. John WELLS2 ? (Isaac WELLS1) was born 1783.

    Child of John WELLS ? is:

  • + 3 i. William3 WELLS, born 1806 in Bowling Yorkshire England.


  • Generation No. 3

    3. William3 WELLS (John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born 1806 in Bowling Yorkshire England. He married Betty. She was born 1812 in Bowling Yorkshire England.

    Notes for William WELLS:

    An email from John Wells :

    The plot thickens!

    In 1853 a William Wells was a shopkeeper in Silsbridge Lane and a Stephen Benson Sagar was a butcher at 57 Lumb Lane. Both in Bradford.

    From White's 1853 Leeds and the Clothing Districts of Yorkshire Directory


    More About William WELLS:

    Occupation: 1842, Shopkeeper

    Children of William WELLS and Betty are:

  • + 4 i. Isaac4 WELLS, born 1832 in Tong Yorkshire England.

    5 ii. Elizabeth WELLS, born 1834 in Tong Yorkshire England.

    6 iii. John WELLS, born 1837 in Tong Yorkshire England.

    + 7 iv. William WELLS, born Abt. 1840.

    8 v. James WELLS, born 1843 in Bowling Yorkshire England.

    + 9 vi. Henry WELLS, born 1846 in Bowling Yorkshire England.

    10 vii. Edwin WELLS, born 1850 in Bowling Yorkshire England.

    11 viii. Emma WELLS, born 1850 in Bowling Yorkshire England.

    12 ix. Obia WELLS, born 1856 in Bowling Yorkshire England.


  • Generation No. 4

    4. Isaac4 WELLS (William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born 1832 in Tong Yorkshire England. He married Hannah. She was born 1840 in Halifax England UK.

    Child of Isaac WELLS and Hannah is:

  • 13 i. Eunice Annie5 WELLS, born 1871 in Bowling Yorkshire England.


  • 7. William4 WELLS (William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born Abt. 1840. He married Martha SAGAR June 07, 1864 in In the Parish of Bradford in the County of York, daughter of Stephen SAGAR and Sarah BYWATER. She was born Abt. 1844.

    Notes for William WELLS:

    William Wells and Martha Sagar married on the 7th of June 1864 in the Parish Church in the Parish of Bradford in the County of York .

    William Wells, he was a Warp-Dresser and lived in Bowling .

    More About William WELLS:

    Occupation: 1896, Warp-Dresser

    Child of William WELLS and Martha SAGAR is:

  • + 14 i. George Ernest5 WELLS, born June 07, 1869 in Tong street , Tong , Yorkshire England UK; died Bef. 1922.

  • 9. Henry4 WELLS (William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born 1846 in Bowling Yorkshire England. He married Sarah. She was born 1848 in Bradford Yorkshire England.

    Children of Henry WELLS and Sarah are:

  • 15 i. Susanah5 WELLS, born 1866 in Bradford Yorkshire England.

    16 ii. Arthur WELLS, born 1868 in Leeds Yorkshire England.

    17 iii. Earnest WELLS, born 1870 in Leeds Yorkshire England.

    18 iv. Emma WELLS, born 1874 in England UK.

    19 v. Florence WELLS, born 1876 in England UK.

    20 vi. Anna WELLS, born 1879 in Illinois USA.


  • Generation No. 5

    14. George Ernest5 WELLS (William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born June 07, 1869 in Tong street , Tong , Yorkshire England UK, and died 15 December 1919 . He married Jeanie THOMPSON October 03, 1896 in The Parish Church in the Parish of Middleton in the County of York , England UK, daughter of Thomas Jackson THOMPSON. She was born in Pickering, Yorkshire England UK.

    George Ernest Wells Head Age 31 Asylum attendant Born Bradford, Yorkshire

    Jennie Wells Wife 24 Pickering, Yorkshire

    Christiana Wells Daughter 3 Hawksworth,

    Florence Wells Daughter 2 Hawksworth



    George and Jeanie

    More About George Ernest WELLS:

    Occupation: 1903, Asylum Attendant

    Children of George WELLS and Jeanie THOMPSON are:

  • + 21 i. Cyril6 WELLS.

    22 ii. Dorothy WELLS.

    23 iii. Christiana WELLS, born Abt. 1898.

    24 iv. Florence WELLS, born Abt. 1899.

    + 25 v. Eric Lawrence WELLS, born April 24, 1903 in Hawksworth , Leeds Yorkshire England; died January 03, 1951 in " Weanbah " Cryon , Walgett NSW Australia.


  • Generation No. 6

    21. Cyril6 WELLS (George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) He married Dorothy UNKNOWN.

    Child of Cyril WELLS and Dorothy UNKNOWN is:

  • 26 i. Robin7 WELLS, born Abt. 1950. He married Lynda UNKNOWN.


  • 25. Eric Lawrence6 WELLS (George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born April 24, 1903 in Hawksworth , Leeds Yorkshire England, and died January 03, 1951 in " Weanbah " Cryon , Walgett NSW Australia. He married (1) Ellen Elizabeth YATES August 23, 1922 in England UK, daughter of Edward YATES and Unknown. She was born in Clifton , Englnd UK, and died 1965. He married (2) Muriel Annie CHRISTIANSEN June 27, 1949 in Holy Trinity Church , Dubbo NSW Australia, daughter of John CHRISTIANSEN and Sarah GREEN. She was born August 17, 1906 in Melon Street , Rylstone NSW Australia, and died September 03, 1998 in Coffs Harbour , NSW Australia.

    Eric Lawrence

    Notes for Eric Lawrence WELLS:

    * Had put William in his name when he arrived in Australia was known as Eric William Lawrence Wells in Australia , But Was born as Eric Lawrence Wells in England and he is also buried as Eric Lawrence Wells in Walgett NSW Australia .* His alias name when he was on the ship coimg to Australia was Wilfred Pearson , The ship is still not known as yet but it landed him in Victoria , The National Archives in Victoria have a record of him .

    *Its not known as yet why he had an alias , But have written a letter to the National Archives in Canberra to get a copy of his record .

    *In 1903 this Wells family was living in Hawsworth* in the Manor House.


    (*NB In Hawsworth in 1901 there is also Issac Wells Head Age 68 Retired cotton warp dresser (person who threaded the warp threads onto the weaving loom) Born Tong, which is a small village between Leeds and Bradford. Hannah Wells wife age 60 b. Halifax ).

    *in the 1920s he sailed on the s.s.'Demosthenes' for Victoria, Australia in January 1925 , Under the alias name Wilfred Pearson .


    Formly of "West Royd", Neall Carr, Otley.

    This area is situated to the west of York .

    According to the passenger list he was 27 years old and single upon arrivan in Australia.

    On the 4 December 1924 Eric made an application in London to Immigrate to Australia. He apparently gave and travelled to Australia under the name of Wilfred PEARSON, date of birth as being 24 April 1897. 6 feet tall weighing 12 stone 9 pounds. His place of birth was recorded as Hawksworth Yorks, England.


    Eric had been employed by Mr L.L. BASSETT on the property "Trelawny" at Donald, Victoria then at some time after that, he was known on the 14 January 1926, to be in the employ of Mr E.A. HARRIS on the property "Kinfaun" at Donald.

    On the 12 may 1926 he was known to be working on a property known as "Carragabal Station" Marsden NSW Australia.

    Died on a property called "Weanbah" situated near the western town of Cryon NSW. The property at the time was owned by Mr Noel SMITH.

    Eric apparently suffered a heart attack whilst hauling a barge across a river. He was standing on the bank pulling on a rope attached to the barge.


    Mothers details unknown. (Jeanie THOMPSON)

    Father was a Asylum Attendant . (George WELLS)

    Lived in North Street Dubbo NSW at the time of marriage to Muriel GABRIELSEN Nee CHRISTIANSON


    There is a fair amount of correspondence between authorities in the UK and those in Australia regarding the circumstances of Eric's departure and subsequent arrival in Australia.

    He apparently left the UK on an assisted passage whereby he gave an alias name and apparent wrong date of birth. After his arrival it was learned that he had infact travelled under the name of Wilfred PEARSON in what can only be described as a method of deserting his wife and children in the UK.


    A letter from Attorney General's department Investigations Branch to The Chief Commissioner of Police, Melbourne dated 23 February 1926 states;

    Advice was received by the Commonwealth Authorities in February 1925, that an assisted migrant, names E.L.WELLS was proceeding to Australia under the name of Wilfred PEARSON and that he was deserting his wife in England.

    PEARSON, as he called himself, was interrogated on arrival in Australia and for the time being satisfied the Immigration Authorities that he was not identical with WELLS and he strongly denied that he was married.

    These particulars were communicated to London, when it was ascertained that PEARSON had, as a matter of fact, communicated with his wife at the end of March 1925, from Donald, Victoria, announcing his safe arrival and promising to write and explain everything. At the end of July last year , Mrs WELLS received two letters from her husband, also written from Donald, Victoria and these letters practically established, beyond doubt, that the man PEARSON was in fact identical with WELLS, who had deceived his wife and deserted her and left her and the children without any provision whatsoever for their maintenance.

    WELLS is at present time employed by Mr. E.A. HARRIS, "Kinfaun" at Donald, Victoria and it is desired that your Donald Station may favour me by interrogating him (PEARSON) as to what action he proposes to take in regard to maintaining his wife and children. PEARSON ( or WELLS ) previous to his present employment, was employed by Mr L.L. BASSETT, "Trelawny" at Donald.

    PEARSON is still endebted also to the Immigration Department to the extent of about 18 pounds and difficulty has been experienced in collecting instalments on his passage money. The last amount of 4 pounds having only been paid by PEARSON after he had been threatened with legal proceedings. He has, I am informed, written impertinent letters to the Immigration Department, in connection with his liability.


    A letter from the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department to the Investigation Branch dated 23 April 1926 indicates that Eric had been a lodger at the premises of 34 Isabella Street Waverley owned by a Mr MILLS. Eric apparently left there owing for board and lodging on the promise that he would inform Mr MILLS of his address. The address was never supplied to Mr MILLS.


    A letter from the Investigation Branch, Melbourne dated the 25 May 1926 to the Secretary, Home and Interiors Department, Melbourne. No. 1085 V/2524 indicates;

    With reference to your confidential memorandum No. 24/2084 dated 9th february, I have to advise that E.L. WELLS has been after very considerable difficulty, located in New South Wales and was interviewed on the 12th instant by Constable CONWAY of the New South wales Police, Marsden, as follows,

    " I beg to report having this day interviewed E.L. WELLS alias Wilfred PEARSON at Caragabal who admitted that his correct name is E.L. WELLS and the person inquired for. He also said that he had written at least six letters to his wife but had received no reply. I endeavoured to obtain a statement from E.L. WELLS alias PEARSON verifying his statement, but he refused to give."

    In conjunction with inquiries made in this State, I am quite satisfied that E.L. WELLS has deserted his wife in England as alleged by her and that he has made misleading statements to the Imigration authorities.

    Recently WELLS left Sydney and stated his intention of going to the country in search of work as a station hand. The records of the State Labour Exchange show that "Wilfred PEARSON" of 34 Isabella Street, Waverley, was engaged as a farm hand by Mr T HUNTER of Gladys Park, Marsden Road, Via Grenfell, and was sent to that place on 10th March last (1926) at the wage of 2 pounds per week.

    WELLS has said nothing at all about his intentions withregard to maintaining his wife, but it is suggested that Mrs WELLS should obtain an order against him if she has the necessary evidence enforceable in Australia. WELLS is certainly not an individual who will meet his obligations unless compelled to by force.

    He is in debt to the Imigration Department and has been impertinent and insulting in his replies to them requesting payment.

    Signed by the Director


    In a letter from Melbourne to Inspector L. LLOYD NSW Police, Sydney indicates that "PEARSON is described as being of an arrogant nature and who may attempt to put over a bluff."

    It would appear from the amount of correspondence between The Law Society Divorce Department situated at 9A Kirkgate, Leeds, England and the Commonwealth Department of Immigration situated in Melbourne, Victoria during the latter part of 1956, that at that time the wife of Eric had not obtained a divorce but proceedings were underway.

    The memorandum was referenced V56 / 54207 dated 24 October 1956.

    The reply letter signed by R.W. WHITROD, Director, indicated;

    "I regret that it is not possible to assist you as this Service cannot undertake enquiries dealing with divorse or associated matters


    Ref. National Archives. Series: 8741/3 Item: V/2524 Title: Eric Lawrence WELLS ( Alias Wilfred Pearson )


    Arrival to Australia: 15 March 1925, Aboard the " SS Demosthenes " in Melbourne Victoria

    Burial: Abt. 1951, Walgett NSW Australia

    Calling: Station Hand / Builder


    The birth certificate shows her name as Annie Muriel HANSON however she has always been known to others as Muriel.

    Her fathers correct name was CHRISTIANSEN however when he came to Australia from Norway, he modified it to HANSON.

    Although having been born a HANSON, Muriel has assumed her fathers original family name. This was never done by Deed Poll.

    The birth of Muriel was attended by Rose GREEN

    Registered on the 27 August 1906 at Rylstone by Colin E. BARNES

    Certified by Annie HANSON ( mother )



    Marriage to Eric William Lawrence WELLS. Certificate No. 44/C803611

    Ministers name was Andrew McCARTNEY.

    Witnesses 1. May C HUXLEY 2. George M WILLOUGHBY.

    Her father , John CHRISTIANSON, was 43 years old at time of marriage.

    The birth certificate of her daughter, Muriel, shows that her name was spelt with an "E" as in "Sen" not "Son".




    More About Eric Lawrence WELLS:

    Burial: January 05, 1951, Church of England Cemetery , Walgett NSW Australia

    Cause of Death: Heart Attack

    Emigration: 1926, left England came to Australia by Ship

    Occupation: 1921, Asylum Attendant when in England

    Children of Eric WELLS and Ellen YATES are:

  • + 27 i. Albert7 WELLS, born November 29, 1923; died April 17, 1977.

    + 28 ii. Frank Harry WELLS

  • Children of Eric WELLS and Muriel CHRISTIANSEN are:

  • + 29 i. Eric William7 WELLS, born August 19, 1933 in Dubbo , NSW Australia; died January 14, 1980 in Wellington , NSW Australia.

    30 ii. Lawrence George WELLS, born in Walgett NSW Australia.

    31 iii. Cyril Barry WELLS, born July 04, 1940 in Dubbo NSW Australia; died Abt. 1988 in Macquarie River Dubbo NSW Australia.

    Notes for Cyril Barry WELLS:

    Although his first name was Cyril, he was known as Barry.

    Born in a private hospital in Dubbo NSW Aust.

    Barry was a seasonal worker in that he travelled the country picking fruit and working on the occasional farm.

    He was found floating face down in the Macquarie River under a bridge in Dubbo NSW.

    Believed to have died between 30 November 1988 and 11 December 1988.

    Police informant being Constable D.M. MURRAY (Debbie) Stationed Dubbo.

    Death certificate No D143011 issued on the 1st February 1989 by VM BENNET the principal registrar.

    Not believed to have ever been married.

    Children unknown. Possible son in the Young area of NSW. (Very doubtful)

    Very talented in the field of craft work with timber.

    Made numerous models of early Cob & Co stage coachs'




    Age at Death: 48 years

    Burial: 28 December 1988, J 17 Catholic section of new Dubbo Cemetery

    Cause of Death: Possible drowning ( Foul play ? )

    Death Cert No: 1988, D143011 Dubbo NSW Aust


    + 32 iv. Allan Ray WELLS, born in Port Kembla NSW Australia.


  • Generation No. 7

    27. Albert7 WELLS (Eric Lawrence6, George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born November 29, 1923, and died April 17, 1977. He married Eleanor LEES.

    Albert with daughter Margaret (Marah)

    Children of Albert WELLS and Eleanor LEES are:

  • 33 i. Michael8 WELLS.

    34 ii. Malcolm WELLS.

    + 35 iii. Margaret WELLS.


  • 28. Frank Harry7 WELLS (Eric Lawrence6, George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born 1925. He married Lorraine TURPIN.


    Children of Frank WELLS and Lorraine TURPIN are:

  • 36 i. Martin8 WELLS.

    37 ii. Robert WELLS.


  • 29. Eric William7 WELLS (Eric Lawrence6, George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born August 19, 1933 in Dubbo , NSW Australia, and died January 14, 1980 in Wellington , NSW Australia. He married Joyce Lorraine MITCHELL, daughter of Charles MITCHELL and Violet McKEAN. She was born September 08, 1947 in Inverelle NSW Australia, and died April 04, 1979 in Camperdown ( King George V Memorial Hospital ) Sydney NSW Australia.


    Notes for Eric William WELLS:

    born on the 19 August 1933.

    Joyce (Joy) was named MITCHELL.

    Billy was a passenger in a motor vehicle being driven east towards the bridge at Wellington NSW by his brother Cyril WELLS otherwise known as Barry, when the vehicle struck the guard rail causing the top square timber rail to penetrate the cabin area and subsequently impaled Billy causing his death. Alcohol a factor.

    The cause of death as per his death certificate indicates:

    Died as the result of servere internal injuries, haemorage and shock received in which he was a passenger collided with the Macquarie Bridge at Wellington at the same time.

    Inquest held at Wellington.

    K.R. CRAWFORD Coroner.

    At the time of his death Billy was an invalid pensioner.

    He was residing at Curra Creek, via Wellington.

    His death was registered on the 5 February 1980 by Allan R. WELLS ( Brother )

    His father was shown as Lawrence George WELLS.


    Burial: 16 January 1980, Church of England Lawn cemetery, Wellington NSW Australia

    Calling: Plant operator

    Cause of Death: Motor vehicle accident

    Death Cert No: 3062 / 1980


    Was living at Mundowran at the time of Shane's birth.

    The death certificate of Joyce indicates that at the time of her death their usual place of residence was Old Arthurville P.O. Via Wellington.

    Death certificate further indicates - Father & mother not known

    Was 21 years od at the time of her marriage to Billy WELLS

    Her death certificate shows that they were married at Port Kembla NSW. It is unknown at this stage exactly where they were married.Death was certified by D W ROWED Medical Practitioner.


    Age at Death: 29 years

    Burial: 12 April 1979, C of E sect Coolah cemetery NSW Aust

    Cause of Death: Carcinoma of Cervix - Haemolyte anaemia - Leukopoenia - Renal failure

    No of Children: 5


    Marriage: 24 January 1970, Gayndah QLD Australia

    More About Eric William WELLS:

    Burial: January 16, 1980, Church of England Lawn Cemetery , Wellington NSW Australia

    More About Joyce Lorraine MITCHELL:

    Burial: April 12, 1979, Coolah , NSW Australia

    Children of Eric WELLS and Joyce MITCHELL are:

  • + 38 i. Shane Andrew8 WELLS, born in Mundubbera , Queensland Australia.

    + 39 ii. Hayley Sharee Wells, born June, 1973 in Nyngan, NSW, Australia.

    + 40 iii. Jacqueline WELLS,.


  • 32. Allan Ray7 WELLS (Eric Lawrence6, George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born in Port Kembla NSW Australia. He married Anja Deanne KLERKS. She was born in Amsterdam , Holland.

    Children of Allan WELLS and Anja KLERKS are:

  • + 41 i. Debra Ann8 WELLS, born in Wollongong NSW Australia.

    + 42 ii. Danny Robert WELLS, born in Wollongong NSW Australia.


  • Generation No. 8

    35. Margaret8 WELLS (Albert7, Eric Lawrence6, George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) She married William DEAN.

    Children of Margaret WELLS and William DEAN are:

  • 43 i. Tania9 DEAN.

    44 ii. Jane DEAN.

    45 iii. Laura DEAN.


  • 38. Shane Andrew8 WELLS (Eric William7, Eric Lawrence6, George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born in Mundubbera , Queensland Australia. He met Simone HICKSON.

    Children of Shane WELLS and Simone HICKSON are:

  • 46 i. Billy Jay9 WELLS, born in Coffs Harbour NSW Australia.

    47 ii. Jason Andrew WELLS, born in Coffs Harbour , NSW Australia.


  • 39. Hayley Sharee8 Wells (Eric William7, Eric Lawrence6, George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1)1 was born June , 1973 in Nyngan, NSW, Australia2. She married Peter John WOODLOCK March 16, 2000 in Nyngan NSW Australia, son of John WOODLOCK and Neita HOLMES. He was born August , 1960 in Dubbo , NSW Australia.

    Children of Hayley Wells and Peter WOODLOCK are:

  • 48 i. Shyann-Lahaya9 WOODLOCK, born May , 1997.

    49 ii. Malachi John WOODLOCK, born November , 1998.

    50 iii. Neita Ellen WOODLOCK, born December , 1999.

    and also Maverick Austin George Woodlock born September 2003


  • 40. Jacqueline8 WELLS (Eric William7, Eric Lawrence6, George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born. She married (1) Shane BOYNS. . She met (2 Joseph Stanley DOLANSKI Abt. 1992 in May 2000.

    Children of Jacqueline WELLS and Shane BOYNS are:

  • 51 i. Joel Kye9 BOYNS, in Coffs Harbour , NSW Australia.

    52 ii. Joshua Patrick BOYNS, born January 19, 1995 in Coffs Harbour , NSW Australia; died January 19, 1995 in Coffs Harbour , NSW Australia.


  • 41. Debra Ann8 WELLS (Allan Ray7, Eric Lawrence6, George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born in Wollongong NSW Australia. She married Dean BRYANT in Corrimal NSW Australia. He was born in Coledale NSW Australia.

    Children of Debra WELLS and Dean BRYANT are:

  • 53 i. Sarah Louise9 BRYANT.

    54 ii. Emma Frances BRYANT, born in Wollongong NSW Australia; died in Wollongong NSW Australia.


  • 42. Danny Robert8 WELLS (Allan Ray7, Eric Lawrence6, George Ernest5, William4, William3, John WELLS2 ?, Isaac WELLS1) was born in Wollongong NSW Australia. He married Leigh-Ann Katherine SIMMONS October 29, 1994 in Commil Community church NSW Australia. She was born in Paddington Womens hospital Sydney NSW Australia.

    Child of Danny WELLS and Leigh-Ann SIMMONS is:

  • 55 i. Stephanie Tanya9 WELLS, in Wollongong NSW Australia.

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  • A massive big thank-you to John & Rosie Wells, Eric Wells, David Wells and to anyone else I have missed, for helping me research my Wells family. I appreciate every lookup that you all have done for me.

    I would also like to thank Martin Wells, my cousin, for sending me photos of his father Frank Harry Wells, for also sending me photos of George & Jeanie and for also taking photos of their resting place, in Hawksworth. Thanks also to Liam Richards formerly Malcolm Wells for sending me a photo of his father Albert Wells.