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If you started at Foxwood School (Seacroft, LEEDS, Yorkshire) in 1960 or were ever in the year group that left Richmond Hill, Beechwood or Asket Hill Schools in 1960 please send your name and e-mail address if you want to be included. Photographs welcomed!

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John's Schools in Leeds

Richmond Hill

Class Photo 1957 (1960 leavers)

John Wells, Robert? Harvey, Raymond Keegan, John O'Brien, Mark Ossett, Eileen Oates, John Coyne, Alan Abbot, John Savage...........



Class Photo 1955, 1956, 1958 (1960 leavers)

Brian Turner, David Croft, Peter Edwards, John Wilson, David Ford, Peter Hutchings, Michael Foster, Frank Brearley, Edmond Holdsworth? Alan Mercer, Alan Webster, Philip Wakefied, Peter Farnels/Farnell? Gordon Davison, Alex Rowan, Peter Adamson? James Kilroy.................

Asket Hill

Former Students (1960 leavers)

Glen Johnson, Nicholls?, Michael Osborne, John Wells, Brian Greenwood, Jeff Lyons, George A. Grimes, Peter Anderson, John Parlour, Ann McDonald,  Roslyn A. Kendall, Margaret ?,  Kevin Towers, Derek Crisp, Paul Slater, Lawrence Feaviour, William Winterburn?  Kenneth Briggs, Michael Monaghan? Joan Kirten, and others.



NEW The School in 2009 part way through demolition


Former Students 1960 intake / 1964-68 leavers.


After School


Warwick University: Department of Physics: Photo summer 1970

Salford University: Department of Physics 1970-71

Oxford University: Corpus Christi College: Freshmen Photo 1972