Other Wells families of the Ripon area

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Wells of Berry Hills, Kirklington, Bedale and others

The Berry Hills family is readily traced back to Richard Wells (Berry Hills is less than 6 miles north of Ripon) who died in 1835, but appears to go back well before 1600 in that area. Doris (Hathaway) Wells who married Stanley Beresford Wells (son of John Wm Kendall Wells who moved to Manor House, Rainton on 6 April 1877) informed us in 1980 that their family had farmed at Berry Hills for 500 years the lands belonging to the Wandesford family of Kirklington Hall.

Wells families farmed Hutton Conyers and Hutton Hall near Ripon, Heaton House, Boroughbridge, York Gate Farm, Melmerby. There are also links with North Stainley, Theakstone, Wath, Azerley (Braithwaite Hall) and Thirkleby Park, Thirsk, to name but a few.

There is always the possibility that the above Wells families link in with the our family of Robert Welles of Galphay before 1600 (eg Galphay to Berry Hills is about 6 miles).

Shirley O'Loughlin is researching these Wells families [email protected] Her gt.grandfather John Wells (1843-1891) was the publican at the Black Horse in Ripon.

A William Wells owned the Wine and Spirits shop in Ripon - His grandson was Major W.N. Wells. The Major, his father and grandfather were all mayors of the city of Ripon.

Of the other families in the area, we have copies of early wills for Wells in Swetton, Ferrabie (Fearby) and Ilton. Anyone know their history?

Does anyone know the history of William Wells of Bishop Monkton (died1763) and his son Richard Wells of Azerley?