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Between 1530 and 1688 the Heralds carried out a systematic survey of the counties of England and Wales. These 'Visitations' were for the purpose of recording the pedigrees and Arms of the nobility and gentry. Wells entries occur for the Yorkshire Visitations of 1530 and 1563. Both these entries were for Arms only, for Wellys/Wellis. No pedigree was associated with either of these entries, nor was the individual Wellys identified by means of Christian name or place of residence. Unofficial records show a similar Arms being used by a family of Wells of Piercefield, Chepstow, Monmouthshire in the 19th century. Also there are unofficial records showing Arms relating to a family of Welles of Cotness, Yorkshire, possibly from Warburton's map of Yorkshire (no date). Indices to Grants of Arms indicate a Grant to George Wells of Cambridge (1614), and the Grant of a Crest to Viscount Welles.

There was a pedigree entry for Welles in Glover's Visitation of the North in 1569 connected with a Fitzherbert family. This shows that John Welles had married Anna Fitzherbert. Their son Richard, had a son Humphrey who in turn had a son John. In the Staffordshire Visitation of 1663 Humphrey Wellys was of Whorecross (Hoar Cross) and his son John had died in 1648. John's son Thomas was also of Whorecross and certified the pedigree. Thomas was 51 years of age in 1663. Other Visitations produced Wells entries for Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire, London, Sussex, Essex, Cambridge, East Anglia, and Cornwall. A Grant of Arms was made to Robert son of Peter Wells, living at Kingston-upon-Hull in 1853.


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